Getting a Card

Here's how to get your very own Paymanity card

  • 1. Sign up for a Paymanity Card

    Currently the only way to receive a Paymanity card is through one of our business parters. If you're with a current business partner, please sign up through their website. If you know a business who could benefit from Paymanity's services, please have them fill out our quick business partner application.

  • 2. Activate your Card

    Once you've signed up and received your Paymanity card in the mail, you need to come back here, and activate your card. It's a quick and easy process, and the activation is instant.

  • 3. You're all set!

    Now simply add funds to your Paymanity account using a partner payout or load!

Did you know?

You can quickly send money to a Paymanity cardholder anywhere!

The Paymanity card is the easiest way for you to receive and send payments. Your funds are loaded right on to the card, and instantly available for your use!