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For new Business Partners and their Payees

Want to get a Paymanity card?

The Paymanity Card is the easiest way to receive and manage global payments.

Your funds are loaded directly onto the card, and available instantly for your use.

Our cardholder account area makes it easy for you to view and manage payments.

Currently, you can only apply for a Paymanity Card through one of our business partners

If you're already associated with a business partner, learn how to apply for and activate your card

If you know a company or organization that you think would benefit from Paymanity's easy and flexible payment system, please refer them to our business partners application.

Interested in becoming a Business Partner?

Here at Paymanity, we're always interested in partnering with new businesses to help them grow, expand, and simplify their payment systems. If you'd like to recieve more information about partnering with us, fill out this quick application and we'll be in touch!

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The Paymanity card is the easiest way for you to receive and send payments. Your funds are loaded right on to the card, and instantly available for your use!


Paymanity has made managing our
international business so much easier. Now
managing our global payouts is simple!

- Charles Bell, CFO of