Payment Solutions

A new way to send and receive global payments

What is Paymanity?

Paymanity is a new and exciting global payment solution that makes it easier than ever before to send and receive payments. Payments are made over your account area, and sent to directly to our pre-paid Paymanity cards. Payments have never been easier to make, or easier to accept.

Who is Paymanity for?

Paymanity is perfect for any company or organization that needs a fast, low-cost, and effective way to handle payouts. We're perfect for web-based businesses, international companies, travel organizations & clubs, multi-level marketing companies, clinical trials, and more! We make it easy for you to pay your constituents, and easier than ever before for them to receive, monitor, and manage their pay.

How do I get started?

If your company is interested in using Paymanity as their global payment solution, simply fill out our business partners application. We'll review your application and get back to you promptly.

Become a Partner

If you work for, or are affiliated with one of our existing business partners, find out how to choose Paymanity as your payment method by following these easy steps.

The Paymanity Card offers multiple design choices and currencies in both EUR and USD!

Our user acount area makes it easier than ever before to manage and monitor payments and acount activity.